Sunday, December 19, 2010

Katie Rockwell sings Song Bird @ Brown Street Club 12/16/10

Katie Rockwell and Larry Hoskinson sing Time after Time, 12/16/2010

The Gas Holes/Katie Rockwell " I want a man", Smiley's Acoustic Cafe 11/18/2010

Cause we ended as lovers - The Gas Holes,Greenville SC 11/13/2010

Larry Hoskinson at Smiley's Acoustic Cafe Christmas Jam Greenville SC 12/04/10

The Gas Holes, Katie Rockwell sings "It Hurts So Bad" @Smiley's Greenville SC 11/19/10

Scottie Hodge, Doug Norwine, Tony Smith, Larry Hoskinson-Cry Me a River 12/16/10

Katie Rockwell -"You've Changed" w/Tony Smith, Doug Norwine, Larry Hoskinson 12/16/10